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LDPE&HDPE are the main substrates for shopping bags and some times BOPP is used, the ink should be characterized by good adhesion on LDPE&HDPE, bright colors.
We recommend New Star GS  series for printing on LDPE & HDPE.
New Star GS Series are solvent based printing inks, designed for Rotogravure printing on treated polyolefin film.
New Star GS Series inks are based on high quality Poly amide and fine pigments.
New star Gs Series Series is available in white color and wide range of colors.


Main Characteristics:


  • Good adhesion properties.
  • Low solvent retention.
  • High gloss level.
  • Good scratch resistance.

Recommend Surface:

New Star GS Series inks are suitable to be applied on Pearlized, Paper, PET (chemically treated), AL foil (using Primer), Paper and most treated Polyolefin films, e.g. OPP, LDPE, LLDPE and Cellophane.
For Polyethylene and Polypropylene film the treatment should be at least 38 dynes per / cm for good adhesion and optimum resistance properties.