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Snacks packages are mainly made of PET, BOPP packages, usually the packages are made of two layers (OPP/CPP, PET/OPP metalized…etc) by using lamination techniques, Giving high Gloss & high transparency.


We recommend New Star FL Series for PET, OPP printing which can be used for many products like snacks, Biscuits, Pasta, Chips, Cake, Rice & many other products.

New Star FL is a solvent based printing ink.
New Star FL can also be used for lamination.
New Star FL is based on high quality nitrocellulose, available in white and wide range of colors.
New Star FL has good printing properties when printing halftone as well as full tone.
New Star FL series are free off any additives or fillers which affect Cylinders and Doctor Blade and Anilox


Main characteristics:

  • Highly transparent. 
  • Good adhesion properties.
  • Low solvent retention.
  • Good printability.
  • High gloss level.
  • Suitable for lamination.