Flexo Stack Printing for Lamination:



Flexo Reverse Printing for Lamination : 


We recommend in this type of printing the models of Stack machines include Anilox & Doctor blade to fulfill the best quality.

The reverse printing is widely used to produce the printed packages for Snack, Juice, biscuits, Ketchup,,,, etc. , in this technique the ink is printed on the inner layer of substrate and it do not become in direct contact with human skin, weather conditions and other substrates because in most of cases the ink is sandwiched between to substrates by lamination process.


Inks for Reverse printing must have good adhesion on printed substrates, Good bond strength with Adhesive to support Lamination, high color strength, High Transparency and Gloss.


It also must have fine particle size to protect Anilox Cylinders and save amount of adhesive needed for lamination. 


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