Cerutti announces an Open House in October to present the most recent innovation in gravure for packaging printing

In the last few months, Cerutti range of gravure presses to print packaging materials has been enriched with several new enhancements that are the outcome of intensive work research.
For this reason, the Company has decided to take the opportunity of the K Exhibition, that will be held in the autumn in Duesseldorf, to book an appointment with customers and prospects at the Vercelli R&D Centre: from 26th October to 4th November it will be possible to witness the printing and job change-over demonstrations on the Vercelli Centre presses.

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European Commission seeks views on reducing plastic bag use Liz Gyekye, 20 May 2011


The European Commission is asking the public how best to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags.
It has opened a stakeholder consultation and it will ask if charging and taxation would be effective, or if other options such as an EU-level ban on plastic carrier bags would be better.
Opinions will also be sought on increasing the visibility of biodegradable packaging products, and boosting the biodegradability requirements for packaging. The web-based consultation runs until August 2011.
European Commissioner for Environment Janez Potocnik said: “Fifty years ago, the single-use plastic bag was almost unheard of – now we use them for a few minutes and they pollute our environment for decades.
“But social attitudes are evolving and there is a widespread desire for change. That’s why we are looking at all the options, including a Europe-wide ban on plastic carrier bags. We need the views of as many people as possible to complement our scientific analyses and help drive policy on this issue, which is suffocating our environment.”

Possible European plastic bag ban
In March, Packaging News reported that Potocnik told the EC’s Environment Council that he intended to “look at all options” and launch an impact assessment on “the possibility of a Europe-wide ban on single-use of plastic bags”.
According to the EC, every year, the average EU citizen consumes approximately 500 plastic carrier bags, and most of them are used only once. The total volume of plastic carrier bags produced in Europe in 2008 was 3.4 million tonnes, which equals the weight of more than 2 million passenger cars.


More visibility for biodegradable packaging
The consultation also aims to gather views on the adequacy of current requirements on compostability and biodegradability in the EU Packaging Directive.
The EC said that the Directive does not allow for a clear distinction between biodegradable products that should biodegrade in natural conditions in the environment, and compostable products that only biodegrade in industrial composting facilities.
Advertising a packaging product as biodegradable when in fact it will not biodegrade in natural conditions can be misleading, and contributes to the proliferation of litter, according to the EC.
The consultation will gather views on the environmental, social and economic impacts that might result from measures to improve the biodegradability requirements of packaging products, including the visibility of biodegradable packaging to consumers.
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